Ben Dominguez is married to Rosa M. Dominguez, who is a retired school district professional.   He has five sons and ten grandchildren.  He has been a resident of Las Cruces since the summer of 1963.  He is a Vietnam veteran, having served in the United States Navy for four years as a PO2 Electricians Mate.

Professionally, he holds a Bachelor degree in Business Systems Analysis from New Mexico State University. He is a retired Director of the Las Cruces Public Schools with 25 years as Director of Information Systems and 6 ½ years as Director of Materials Management.

As a community member, he has been involved in the following:

  • Served as PTA school president.
  • Started first parent advisory council in Las Cruces district with J. Paul Taylor.
  • Member of the Field of Dreams initial task force.
  • Founding member of J&K user group for computer software.
  • Coached soccer, t-ball, and baseball teams.
  • Served as president of football booster clubs at two high schools.
  • With a Booster club member, brought 50/50 fund raising to New Mexico.
  • Chaired several fund raising committees.
  • Current member of St. Albert Newman Center Foundation committee.

He is currently serving as President of the Governing Council for New America School–Las Cruces.

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